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Hiking is one of the outdoor activities which consist of walking and climbing in the natural environment. It is such a very popular activity and numerous hiking organizations are established worldwide. It is also considered to be a very beneficial health activity. Many people use hiking as sport, time-pass activity and also a health activity.


The equipment carried out in a hiking trip may be varied as per the length of the hike and as per the source. People who go on hiking trips generally carry water, food and sometimes a map in a backpack. Hiking boots are also worn to protect the feet from the rough terrain. Some people prefer to wear light shoes if going on long distance strike.

There is an advisable list of Ten Essential equipments suggested for mountaineers to take with them at the time of hiking. This list includes but not limited to a compass, sunglasses, first aid kit, fire starter, knife, sunscreen, clothes and flashlight. Some people also suggest additional items like insects repellent and an emergency blanket.


Hiking is one of the dangerous activities that may produce threats to personal safety. These threats can be dangerous in nature while hiking and may cause serious circumstances. Diarrhea is considered to be one of the most common illnesses that usually affect long-distance hikers. Dangerous hiking circumstances may include losing the way, bad weather and hazardous terrain. Specific accidents may include such as dehydration, hypothermia, frostbite, sunburn, attacks by animals and internal injuries.

There are some rural and less developed areas where attacks by humans are also a possibility. Hiking Organizations promote prevention, self defense, escape, use of cell phone and GPS devices. It is also a good practice to mark international borders. Sometimes hikers by mistake cross international borders and cause diplomatic problems.

Impact on Environment

Unlike animals, humans usually leave traces of their presence wherever they go. However, sometimes hikers accidentally destroy the environment. The action of one person may not affect the environment but the total effect of a large number of people can degrade the environment. Gathering wood in an area for a bonfire may be harmless if done properly except for the risk of spreading of wildfire. Generally, protected areas have regulations placed by the local authority to protect the environment. If hikers try to comply with these regulations, they can play a great part in protecting the environment.

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