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APO Hiking Society: A Music Revival

The APO Hiking Society is a Filipino musical group composed of Jim Paredes, Danny Javier and Boboy Garrovillo, with a career of hit songs spanning more than three decades. Their recent concerts and recording efforts have been touted far and wide as a full-blown APO revival!

Ever since the KaminAPO Muna album, which is a tribute album to Boboy, Danny and Jim’s, music by the best and hottest bands around, hit the airwaves and music stores, there seems to be little else playing except APO’s hit songs. KaminAPO Muna turned Gold a few days after its release, and turned platinum on its second week. It is a limited edition CD which contains original songs as originally performed by APO Hiking Society, and the new tribute version is selling so well that it is now number two on the sales charts.

Danny, Boboy and Jim are without a doubt, quite pleased. They were there during MYX’s tribute to APO at Megamall this past August 23, where the performing bands paid an enthusiastic tribute to them. Their schedules are beginning to fill. They have many more concerts scheduled, and guest spots on many popular TV programs. Their recent appearance at ASAP was received appreciatively by audiences everywhere, and catapulted the show’s ratings over its competitor.

Kami nAPO Muna, the tribute album to Danny, Jim and Boboy, otherwise known as the APO Hiking Society, is now available on I-Tunes, Apple computer’s highly successful music download company. By navigating online to the I-Tunes home page, and typing Kami nAPO Muna in the search blank, anyone in the world can now have access to this highly successful album of APO’s music as it is performed by eighteen of the top bands in the Philippines.

The album’s place has remained solid for an unprecedented 3 months (now going on 4) as the number one fastest -selling album in the Philippines. Four music videos have been made from songs in the album, notably Yakap Sa Dilim, Nakapagtataka, .Doo Bi Doo and Panalangin. Three of the APO hiking society songs are now the number one most requested ringtone downloads.

A new addition to the APO website will feature classic APO videos in the coming weeks, so if you are an APO Hiking Society fan, be sure to keep checking, so you can have your own APO hiking society ringtone! The APO Hiking Society legends Danny Javier, Jim Paredes, and Buboy Garovillo wowed a crowd of over 3,000 people with their timeless hits and comic antics during the “Kumustahan Asian Pacific 2006 Concert” Saturday night at the Hopwood Junior High School Amphitheater, and it is clear that APO Hiking Society is back!

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