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Hiking In Nepal: Why Travel Here?

Hiking in Nepal is probably one of the best experiences you will find throughout this region. The beauty of the city and country is breathtaking. The terrain offers something that’s just about perfect for anyone of any hiking experience. Nepal offers the very best resources to help you to make this happen as well. The good news is that the resources available for hiking in Nepal can help you t make this the best experience of your lifetime.

What To Expect

When you visit Nepal for hiking, you’ll find a number of excellent trails to consider. If you would like to take advantage of the most beautiful scenery, then head for the mountains. Kakani is one of the best locations for mountain hiking because it provides you with a panoramic view of Annapurna, ganesh Himal and Manasalu Mountains. In fact, this trail is one of the best hiking in Nepal trails out there. Consider what it offers.

Not only do you get to take in some of the most beautiful mountains, you also get to enjoy the gorgeous Kathmandu Valley, an expansive, beautiful valley that is a travel destination you can’t miss. Travel down into the valley for another benefit of hiking in Nepal. That is the ability to meet and talk to people in the location. You get to take part in their culture and take advantage of new foods, new customs and enjoy a wide range of wonderful treats when you visit. The traditions of these people are some of the very best.

For a great hiking in Nepal experience, consider a trip to Nagarkot. There, you’ll be able to climb an elevation to 5900 feet. It is located just east of Kathmandu Valley. The reason you’ll want to visit here is simple. Nothing can beat the sunrise and the sunset in this area. Its about a one day trip from the Kathmandu Valley and well worth it.

How To Do It

Hiking in Nepal is not something you have to do on your own. There are actually hiking trails that are set up and run by professionals that will guide you. You’ll find a number of resources available for these companies right on the web. Consider several of the trips available and then determine which offers you the very best experience. You are sure to find a number of benefits in these companies because they can allow you to experience the true beauty that the region can offer to you. Hiking in Nepal is an experience that is quite unlike any other. No hiker should go without at least one trip here.

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