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Roughing It or Relaxing, Camping Hiking Gear Makes All the Difference

One question you must ask yourself when choosing camping and hiking gear, is how willing you are to rough it, or if you prefer, a nice comfy camp with easy hiking trails. The answer to that question is honestly the answer the camping hiking gear you should bring. If you want a comfy camping trip, you will probably want your camping hiking gear to include a portable shower, camp stove, coolers, easily set up tents, and cushy sleeping bags (maybe even air mattresses underneath) and lounge chairs for sunning yourself. Now, if, on the other hand, you prefer to rough it, hike in somewhat rough terrain, and live off the land, you will want to stick to camping hiking gear essentials in light weight form, so you can easily carry them on the hiking trail without compromising balance or weighing yourself down.

Consider the time of year, the climate, and the availability of water. You should also consider the natural terrain and its inhabitants. If your camp is to be stationary, with day hikes in the surrounding area, you still need to consider the animals you will encounter. Be certain foods are put away in secure containers. Nothing spells, “Welcome” to the furry four legged residents better than foods left out in the open and trash bins containing food scraps.

If you are not camping in a designated camp site, be sure to obtain any permits you will need, and familiarize yourself with the rules. It is also very important to be certain those in charge know your itinerary, in case of an emergency. Be sure family and friends know where you are, when you plan to return, and if possible, keep in touch using a cellular phone.

Camping and hiking gear for this type adventure needs to be lightweight. Be certain you have a one or two person portable tent. You can find these in weights of less than five pounds. Be sure to take plenty of socks, both moisture wicking inner socks, and breathable outer socks. Be certain you have worn your hiking shoes or boots on several trial runs, so you can be certain they do not pinch or blister.

Be sure to share the load with your hiking partner, so each person carries their fair share, but there is no need to duplicate items such as cooking utensils, food, etc. Another option for camping and hiking gear to lessen the weight you must carry is to opt for MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) small cans of Sterno to heat them. Should you decide to hunt, trap, or fish, you will need those articles as well. Also available are ultra light weight camp stoves, and packaged foods that do not require refrigeration.

The most difficult task for a novice is deciding what you can and can not do without in camping and hiking gear. Each time you go on a camping and hiking trip, you could store your previous lists with your gear, so you can refer back to it for the next trip. That way, sooner or later you will have perfected the list, and will have all the camping and hiking gear you need ready to check off the list.

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